Where else can you shoot REAL machine guns and suppressed handguns except ARIZONA? 

Desert Wolf Tours has put together one AMAZING FIREARMS ADVENTURE that provides an experience of a lifetime!

This ADVENTURE is the BEST shooting adventure that Arizona has to offer - Shoot 5 Firearms as follows: 3 AMAZING Full-Auto Machine Guns, 1 Ultra-Quiet Suppressed Full-Auto Machine Gun and 1 Suppressed Semi-Auto Tactical Handgun, all in one AWESOME day!  For ONLY $249, you will get to shoot 110 rounds of ammo through 5 FEDERALLY-RESTRICTED firearms worth more than $100,000.

[This is a SHOOTING ONLY adventure, does not include the Tomcar ATV Tour and is at a different location than the ATV tours.  You can book the ATV Tour separately and combine ATV and Firearms and one AMAZING day.  For example, you could book the morning Machine Gun Adventure and then book the afternoon ATV tour.  There is plenty of time for you to travel from one location to the other.]

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What to Expect

Shoot REAL Machine Guns and Suppressors!  No gimmicky bump-stocks or triggers!  These are the REAL DEAL!

This AWESOME Adventure combines 3 Machine Guns and 1 Suppressed Handgun!  You’ll arrive at Cowtown Range, our 78 acre desert shooting range, and the home of an old Cowboy movie set, where your Machine Gun Instructor will set up our MACHINE GUNS and Suppressed Handguns and give you a thrill of a lifetime!  [This is a shooting adventure only and does not include the Tomcar Tour.]

This Adventure offers participants the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to shoot fully automatic machine guns and a suppressed rifles/handguns in the heart of the beautiful Sonoran Desert!  Enjoy instruction by our Certified Machine Gun Instructors and Range Safety Officers!  All of our fully-automatic rifles are manufactured by professionals at our subsidiary, Desert Wolf Tactical LLC, a federally-licensed manufacturer right here in Arizona!

What You’ll Be Shooting:  

M1919 Browning .308 Belt-Fed Machine Gun – 25 rounds

M4 5.56 Machine Gun – 25 rounds

AK-47 7.62X39 Machine Gun – 25 rounds

Springfield XD Mod.2 9mm Suppressed Tactical Handgun – 12 rounds

Available Extras (at additional cost):

More shooting of M1919, M4, AK-47, or XD Tactical.

The ICONIC HK MP5 9mm Submachine gun

Short Barrel, Suppressed, .300 Blackout Machine Gun

50 cal. Beowulf AR semi-automatic rifle

50 cal. Desert Eagle handgun

Duration: Approximately 1 to 2 hours, depending on group size.

Meeting Location:

Cowtown Range, 10402 W Carefree Hwy, Peoria, AZ 85383

Transportation can be provided for an additional fee for groups. Please call for more info.

Price for Machine Guns & Suppressors Adventure: $199 per adult (age 13 and up).

Price for Extras:

Extra M1919 Shooting/25 rounds – $75

Extra M4 Shooting/25 rounds – $50

Extra AK-47 Shooting/25 rounds – $50

Extra Suppressed Pistol Shooting/15 rounds – $25

Shoot the Suppressed 300 Blackout shooting/20 rounds – $50

Shoot the HK MP5 Submachine Gun/25 round magazine – $50

Shoot the 50 cal Beowulf AR rifle/10 round magazine – $50

Shoot the 50 cal Desert Eagle handgun/7 round magazine – $50

“PICK 3 SPECIALS” (certain discounted selections of additional shooting.  Call or book online for details) – Prices Vary

Number of Guests: Minimum of 2 guests.  Space is limited!  Book today!  Maximum of 12 guests.  Larger groups, please call for options.

1 – 2 hours (actual adventure duration varies by group size.  Must arrive 15 minutes prior for check-in)

10:00am – Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday (Have a group of 4 or more?  Call to schedule a different day, if desired.)

CowTown Range
10402 W Carefree Hwy
Peoria, AZ 85383

Adults (13 years and older) – $199 per person (Minimum of 2 adult tickets per reservation)
*Must be 13 years or older to shoot firearms.

Ammunition, Bottled Water, Souvenir Desert Wolf Neck Buff, Ear Protection

AVAILABLE DISCOUNTS: (must present valid ID at time of tour to maintain discount)
10% Military/First Responder (Police, Fire, EMS) – Promo Code SERVICE10
10% Locals (Arizona Residents with Arizona ID) – Promo Code LOCALS10

A minimum of 2 adult tickets must be purchased per reservation.  Use of the discount codes above must be accompanied by a valid corresponding ID at time of tour to maintain discount.  We reserve the right to substitute firearms, should a malfunction occur that cannot be fixed on the range.  While this situation is very rare and we do have backup firearms for each firearm type, they are mechanical devices and we are shooting in very dusty conditions.  Things can happen that are beyond our control.


Question:  What is the difference between this adventure and the ATV Tour and Machine Gun Shoot?

Answer:  The SHORT ANSWER is – the Machine Guns and Suppressors Adventure offers more shooting and NO driving.  The ATV Tour and Machine Gun Adventure offers less shooting but you also go on the ATV tour.  The longer answer is …

The Machine Guns and Suppressors Adventure is a “shooting only” adventure while the ATV Tour and Machine Gun Shoot is an ATV tour where you shoot machine guns at one of the stops.  In the shooting only adventure, you get the machine guns shooting and you also shoot a suppressed firearm.  In the ATV tour, you don’t shoot as much but you get to drive a Tomcar ATV.  The ATV Tour and Machine Gun Shoot is offered when the Bureau of Land Management allows us to shoot in the desert.  They do shut down shooting in late spring and summer due to high fires risk.  The Machine Guns and Suppressors Adventure is held at Cowtown Range, a private desert range in Peoria, AZ.  So, we can offer shooting there on a year-round basis.


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