Where else can you drive off-road vehicles and shoot machine guns except ARIZONA?  Desert Wolf Tours has put together one AMAZING adventure that provides an experience of a lifetime! This ADVENTURE is the BEST of what Arizona has to offer - an AMAZING ATV Tour and Machine Gun Shoot, all wrapped up in one AWESOME day!

What to Expect

Desert Wolf Tours NEW ATV Tour & Machine Gun Adventure starts December 15!

Hop in the Tomcars and head out about 10 miles into the Sonoran Desert to our shooting range.  This Adventure offers participants the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to shoot fully automatic machine guns in the heart of the beautiful Sonoran Desert!  Enjoy instruction by our NRA Certified Instructors and Range Safety Officers!  When the firearms portion is completed, you will jump back in the Tomcars and make your way back to the starting location!

What You’ll Be Shooting:  

M1919 Browning .308 Belt-Fed Machine Gun – 25 rounds

M4 5.56 Machine Gun – 25 rounds

AK-47 7.62X39 Machine Gun – 25 rounds

Available Extras (at additional cost):

More shooting of M1919, M4 or AK-47

50 cal. Beowulf AR semi-automatic rifle

50 cal. Desert Eagle handgun

Duration: Approximately 3 to 4 hours, depending on group size.

Meeting Location: Roadrunner Restaurant, New River;
47801 N Black Canyon Highway
New River, AZ 85087

Transportation can be provided for an additional fee for groups. Please call for more info.

Price for ATV Tour & Machine Gun Adventure: $314 per adult (age 12 and up).  Standard booking at 4 people per vehicle.  Option of 2 per vehicle, call for details.

Price for Extras:

Extra M1919 Shooting/25 rounds – $75

Extra M4 Shooting/25 rounds – $50

Extra AK-47 Shooting/25 rounds – $50

Shoot the 50 cal Beowulf AR rifle/10 round magazine – $50

Shoot the 50 cal Desert Eagle handgun/7 round magazine – $50

“PICK 3 SPECIAL” (from the above, no duplicates, zombie upgrade excluded) – $125

Zombie Apocalypse Upgrade; shoot at a Zombie Clown Bleeding Target – $125
(suggested one (1) zombie upgrade per two (2) guests)

Additional Machine Guns Available – We also have M240, MP5, AK-74, M92 and HK G3 machine guns available by special prior arrangement.

Number of Guests: Minimum of 2 guests.  Space is limited!  Book today!  Maximum of 8 guests.  Larger groups, please call for options.

This NEW Adventure starts December 15, 2017BOOK by calling Hunter Corbier @ 877-613-9653!