Why Choose Desert Wolf?

Desert Wolf Tours is the BEST ATV Rental Tour Company in Phoenix and Scottsdale!



We were named the Best Off-Property Excursion in the World for 2012 by the Golf Channel’s TravelGolf.com. (Actually, we tied for the Best with an exotic Sailing and Snorkeling adventure in Turks and Caicos.  Not bad company!)

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Our guests have ranked us as Arizona’s #1 Desert Off-Road and Firearms Adventure for the LAST 8 YEARS! Why take a chance with anyone else?


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BestThingsAZ.com named Desert Wolf Tours the BEST Guided ATV Tour in Arizona!  To get the Best Adventure, you have to go with the Best!


Insider Tip – We don’t charge you a big, up front damage deposit to drive our vehicles.  Some local tour operators/rental companies charge each guest a $2,500 deposit and boast that 25% to 30% of their revenue comes from charging guests for “damage”.  We think that is extremely unethical.  We rarely ever charge our guests for damage to a vehicle and we only do when we absolutely know it was due to their driving.  BEWARE of tour and rental companies that charge you a big damage deposit up front.

We are family owned and have been thrilling guests with great service since 2006.  We don’t have investors that dictate how our vehicles can be driven, or what we can do on our tours…we go the extra mile to make you and yours, ecstatic on our tours.

Our most popular 1/2 day tour is 3 to 3.5 hours IN THE DESERT surrounded by gorgeous scenery in the Bradshaw mountain range.  We offer real historical sites including river crossings where you can dig for turquoise you get to take home with you!

Insider Tip – We don’t insult our guests’ intelligence by advertising “free transportation”.  Then, just give everyone a much shorter tour and up our ticket prices so that everyone pays for the “free” transportation, whether they need transportation or not.  We deliver adventures that are a great value for our guests.  If a tour company if offering “free” transportation, the cost is just incorporated into the price of the ticket.

We are completely Eco-Friendly and belong to Leave No Trace and Tread Lightly.

You can add the most unique Firearms Experience offered in the US, to your tour.  Our Firearms Adventures appeal to a wide audience of men, women and kids from 8 to 80.  We have trained over 7,000 thousand people from novice to seasoned military/law enforcement personnel including whole families  to corporate team building events!

Our tours start and end at a rustic “local” restaurant & saloon full of history and local characters so you can experience the authentic Arizona cowboy culture you came to see.  Great burgers, chops, salads, and spirits are available.

Our guides are young, energetic, and the most knowledgeable in the business.  Try to stump ‘em with a question you may have about the history, botany or animal life that you see on our tours!

YOU are the GUESTS and WE are the HOSTS.  You will feel it throughout your time with us and that will make for a memorable and fun experience for you and your family.

Valley concierges and meeting planners trust us and have been sending their guests to Desert Wolf Tours for years, to experience the ultimate guided, self-drive tours offered in the Valley.