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What is a TomCar?

Drive the Amazing Tomcar

Unique. Unmatched. Extraordinary. TOMCAR has all these qualities and many more. From its origins as a fast, tough, off road military vehicle, TOMCAR has evolved into an ultra-functional, durable and versatile machine fit for commercial and private use in the most demanding conditions.

Unlike mass-market ATVs and UTVs, TOMCAR is designed and built to a professional grade standard, with a design that uses the highest quality materials and components. From its immensely strong, fully-welded steel tube chassis to its heavy duty four-wheel independent suspension, the TOMCAR is designed to be safe, rugged and extremely dependable.

Tomcar All Terrain Vehicles

Here are a few specific TOMCAR advantages over the traditional consumer-grade ATVs and UTVs:

  • TOMCARs are the result of 38 years of experience building this type of vehicle, primarily for use in a military application.  This is an Israeli military vehicle, and only became available in a commercial setting after it was declassified.  This is important because it means that the TOMCAR is seriously over-engineered, based on the various military specs it needed to satisfy.  In a nutshell, the Tomcar is a phenomenally-solid, well-built vehicle.  It is built to be dropped out of a helicopter into combat zones.
  • TOMCARs have a wide stance: 70″ wide. These things are very stable – they will not flip over.
  • TOMCARs are the only Side-by-Sides on the market with a center-of-gravity below the driver’s seat.  Repeat:  These things will not flip over.
  • Our TOMCARs have an unmatched 16″ of ground clearance, and 13.5″ of wheel travel.  That’s is 28% more than the Polaris Rzr, 32% more than the Yamaha Rhino, 43% more than the Kawasaki Teryx and 52% more than a Jeep Wrangler.  Sorry Jeep tours.
  • There simply isn’t a stock off-road vehicle out there that can beat the TOMCAR’s ground clearance, including the H1 Hummer – and trust me, ground clearance and wheel travel matter!  It makes the difference between a day of gliding over obstacles…or not.  The combination of ground clearance and wheel travel also makes the Tomcar incredibly smooth over rocky terrain like ours.  If you’ve ever driven any other vehicle off-road, you’ll really appreciate the ride in the TOMCAR.  When it comes to ride quality, TOMCARs are the “Cadillac” of the UTV world.
  • The TOMCAR’s chassis is a wonder.  The entire frame is one solid piece.  It’s all welded together into a single unit.  There are no screws or bolts anywhere holding the roll-cage together, like other UTVs.  That means extra safety for you.
  • Our fleet of TOMCARs are unique.  We are outfitting them to be used in Search and Rescue missions around Arizona.  So, you are going out in authentic Search and Rescue vehicles that are used to save lives, not pretty little “desert toys”.  We have converted most of the vehicles over to the very reliable Subaru fuel injected V-Twin air-cooled engines.  This is much more reliable in our desert than water-cooled engines that are prone to overheating.  We are also testing military grade, 12 ply run flat tires on some of our vehicles. These are the toughest tires ever developed, and our terrain is some of the toughest terrain in the world. In fact, the terrain of the Sonoran Desert is very similar to Afghanistan.