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In the Media

Our vast National and International media coverage has made Desert Wolf’s ATV tours and shooting adventures “World Famous”.

We are truly humbled by all the media coverage, awards and accolades we have received since 2006.  Below is a sampling of the coverage we’ve received.

20 of America’s Most Adventurous and Experiential Tours for 2017

Desert Wolf Tours – Here’s an adventure for the books for all you thrill seekers! Desert Wolf Tours in Scottsdale is world famous for its activities on the Sonoran Desert. Go for a drive on their military-grade Tomcar UTVs and navigate the terrain from the base of the Bradshaw Mountains. In the 110,000 square miles of terrain, relish in the opportunity to view the breathtaking mountain views and learn about plants, animals, history, and survival skills of the desert from world-class guides. Tours begin and end at the famous cowboy and biker Roadrunner Restaurant and Saloon in New River, ensuring your wild-west experience!

Desert Wolf Tours Guided ATV Tour

BestThingsAZ logo - Desert Wolf ToursTake a tour of the Sonoran Desert with Desert Wolf Tours. During a half-day adventure tour, you’ll drive your own Tomcar ATV around Arizona’s acclaimed desert landscape. You’ll be guided through desert vistas and learn about Arizona’s unique terrain and wildlife. In addition, Desert Wolf offers sunset adventures where you can go off-roading at dusk. After dusk, you’ll turn on LED lights and search for nocturnal critters. Whether you’re an experienced rider or first timer, Desert Wolf is a can’t miss.

Fun Things To Do In Scottsdale and Phoenix

Specializing in ATV tours and adventures, Desert Wolf Tours uses the revolutionary Israeli Defense Forces technology of military-grade TomCar ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) to immerse you in the beauty of the Arizona desert. In fact, Desert Wolf Tours was voted Arizona’s #1 Desert ATV Tour and Adventure service by TripAdvisor for eight consecutive years!

Half-Day Guided Tomcar ATV Tour

Kick up some dust on your next Arizona adventure with a Mad Max-style excursion that’s perfect for a day trip with friends and family. The desert becomes your playground at Desert Wolf Tours in New River, Arizona. Get behind the wheel of a military-grade Tomcar ATV for a wild ride through the Sonoran Desert, speeding through the rugged terrain as you pass Saguaro cacti and beautiful mountain views.

Elite Combat Simulator

Have you ever wanted to be part of an elite military operation, taking down terrorists and rescuing hostages? Well, among the ATV tours and shooting ranges of Desert Wolf Tours in New River, AZ, you can get the full military experience with the Elite Combat Simulator.

Virgin Atlantic

TomCar Tour

Take adventure into your own hands with self-driven journeys from Desert Wolf Tours and get behind the wheel of a TomCar, an off-road vehicle once reserved only for the Israeli Defence Forces. You’ll meet your expert guide in the town of New River and then head out for a wild ride through the winding desert trails.

The Golf Channel

In this edition of Runways to Fairways, Matt Ginella takes on the Sonoran Desert in Phoenix-Scottsdale. Here, he tees it up with resident Brandel Chamblee at Troon North, as well as rock star Alice Cooper. Between rounds, Ginella goes way, way off-course in a Tomcar with Desert Wolf Tours.

NBC 12 News (Video)

Exploring Arizona: Off-Roading and Shooting Firearms.

Desert Wolf Tours offers several outdoor adventures. 12 News multimedia journalist Bryan West has the story. …

Scottsdale CVB’s Megan About Town

Megan About Town: Boom!

I am a city girl through and through. If you’re looking for someone to join you in Mighty Mud Mania or…I don’t know…any form of exercise? I am not your girl. Sweat and dirt freak me out.

That’s exactly why Desert Wolf Tours’ BOOM! Adventure is awesome. It can make even the most in-door, city girl OK with getting a little dirty.

Megan (yes, another one), Kelly, Jay and I headed out to blow off some steam without the dudes – causing our husbands and boyfriends severe jealousy. We met Hunter and Katelynn with Desert Wolf Tours out at Cowtown, which is about 40-60 minutes north of Scottsdale. As Hunter set up the stations and targets, we got to work prepping the explosives. DON’T WORRY – they only explode when shot. …

NBC 12 News (Video)

Is 8 Too Young to Fire a Gun?  12 News speaks with Hunter Corbier, Chief Firearms Instructor for Desert Wolf. …

NBC 12 News (Photo Gallery)

Photo Gallery of Desert Wolf Adventure

At your next corporate golf retreat in Scottsdale, shoot birdies, bogies and guns!

…This isn’t some weird military exercise or gang ritual in the middle of the Arizona desert. It’s actually a fun excursion that corporate clients use to experience the sheer beauty and ruggedness of the High Sonoran Desert. Companies such as Google, Wells Fargo, P.F. Chang’s, Fosters and Bayer have all used the “Fire Arms Experience” run by Desert Wolf Tours as a team-building exercise. …

Yahoo! Travel

Vroom! Boom! Blast off!  Desert Wolf named as one of the top 7 adventures in the US.

Desert Wolf Tactical – Scottsdale, Arizona

Bouncing through the Arizona desert past massive Saguaro cactus in a Mad-Max-like Tomcar (a funky all-terrain vehicle designed for the Israeli army), I feel like I’m on a commando mission. This is perhaps because the ATVs are loaded up with a full arsenal; from pistols to assault rifles, sniper guns, and even some explosives. I’ve joined a $199 Desert Wolf Tour outside of Scottsdale Arizona for a chance to prepare myself for the upcoming zombie apocalypse, or at least to blow some stuff up.

After safety-training by certified instructors at a remote desert firing range, I’m handed a Glock and an AR-15 assault rifle and freed to blast away at targets, bullets flying like water from a hose. Once the adrenaline rush dies town, I have to lower my heart rate, kneel and concentrate, as my finger is on the trigger of a .50 caliber sniper rifle aimed at an explosive charge 50 feet away. With a satisfying explosion, I blast a hole in the desert floor, and the family behind me claps with support, the teens shouting “Me next! Me next!”

Desert Wolf Tours Named Best Off-Premises Excursion in the World

Best Off-Property Excursion: (tie) Desert Wolf Tours in Scottsdale, Ariz., and sailing with the Sun Charters on the schooner Atabeyra off of the coast of Turks & Caicos. I drove my first Tomcar, an off-road Israeli military vehicle pictured below, and shot my first gun in the High Sonoran Desert with Desert Wolf Tours. While sailing, I snorkeled along a shipwreck and swam under a rocky ridge near the ocean floor. Honorable Mention: Swimming with dolphins at Dolphin Discovery Los Cabos would have been high on this list too, but I had just had this wonderful experience on a family vacation a month earlier in Cozumel.

JTA – Jewish Telegraphic Agency

The Desert Wolf

I arrived for my desert tour 15 minutes late, dusted myself off, and strode into a roadside restaurant an hour north of Phoenix that was straight out of the movies. Dudes in ten gallon hats and cowboy boots having coffee in a bar that reeked of cigarettes and abuse.  Six hours later I was back. In the interim, I had driven for three hours in in the desert in an Israeli made off-roader and fired dozens of rounds from an AK-47, an M-16, and a Glock pistol. …

Arizona: Chicago’s Southwestern Oasis

You will find much more than bunkers and tee boxes while on holiday in Arizona. The desert has hundreds of species of living creatures that are not in the Midwest, including jaguars near Tucson. A snowball-season getaway to the painted deserts of Arizona should include a half-day Sonoran Desert Tour from Desert Wolf Tours. The excursions are truly unique in that guests (over the age of 18) do the driving in Tomcars, which were originally developed for use by the Israeli Defense Forces special operations units. Desert Wolf Tours owns a fleet of these vehicles that guests self-pilot during guided tours through the beautiful Sonoran Desert. Participants experience the Sonoran Desert up close, where they may see javalinas, desert mule deer, coyotes, rattlesnakes and more. Visit Desert Wolf Tours’ website at

An Offbeat Look at Scottsdale, AZ

Happiness is: While it’s difficult to imagine Scottsdale as the Wild West, that’s easily overcome with exploring ghost towns, driving off-road and target-shooting with semi-automatic weapons in the desert. Desert Wolf Tours leads tours that vary from bird-watching to learning sniper techniques. Bonus: Hunting around a deserted mine for turquoise. Visit

The Guardian – UK

Desert Adventures

Drive your own off-roader across the sands of Arizona: US

On this excursion, intrepid off-roaders can cross the Sonoran Desert in Tomcars (rugged two-seater buggies), accompanied by local guides. The trip takes in a “ghost town”, Indian ruins, and a turquoise mine, where visitors can try their hand at mining for the stone and keep what they find. Wildlife includes coyotes, rattlesnakes and desert mule deer.
 The half-day tour with Desert Wolf (+1 877 613 9653, starts at New River, Maricopa County …

Great Golf Magazine – UK

Scottsdale, Arizona – Desert Dreams

Into the wild – Before 6 am the next morning I’m already on my way north towards Flagstaff on Interstate 17 to take part in an excursion into the desert with Desert Wolf Tours. Rendezvous is at the Roadrunner Saloon, an authentic western bar that has been used in several Hollywood films.

Desert Wolf Tours has a fleet of so-called Tomcars, originally developed for use by the Israeli Defence Forces Special Operations units, and still in use today in places like Afghanistan. These terrain vehicles are in a class of their own, and on this trip they certainly will have to prove their worth. If you’re over 18 you’ll do the driving yourself, and so as the sun slowly rises over the Sonoran desert we head out into the wilderness.

This is definitely a trip to be remembered. Incredible bumpy, as we drive literally over sticks and stones, through a terrain hardly accessible on foot. Admittedly, we don’t see many animals, as most desert creatures are nocturnal, but we do see a flock of vultures sitting with their wings spread out as if to catch the first rays of the morning sun.

Our guide has an incredible amount of knowledge about everything that lives and grows in this wild and fascinating landscape. Not least about the protected Saguaro cactus that is so characteristic of this area and the only place in the world where it grows in the wild. These fascinating cacti can live to several hundred years of age. We also visit the ancient ruins of Native American settlements and the remains of sporadic mining for copper.

If you don’t mind a bit of shake, rattle and roll – this trip is well worth taking.

JetPack America

Desert Wolf Tours – Top 7 Extreme Travel Adventures in the USA

The other activities to make the list: sports car racing in Las Vegas, Sky Combat also in Las Vegas, Desert Wolf Tours in Arizona and Xtreme Hummer Adventures in Pismo Beach, CA.

7 Destinations for Your Next Adventure

5. Desert Wolf Tour — This Scottsdale, Arizona destination will take you into the desert in a military style vehicle and let you hose down targets with bullets from your Glock, AR-15 assault rifle or whatever other boomstick they have on hand. You can squeeze off a long distance rifle shot at an explosive charge and then watch the fireworks.

Scottsdale on the Wild Side

Desert Wolf Tours on Tomcars and shooting tours

Part educational, part renegade, the indestructible Tomcars, used by the Israeli army, let you tour fearlessly through the desert. And don’t worry, you’ll get a chance to drive. If that’s not extreme enough, opt for the firearms add-on, with which you can fire rifles and pistols in the desert … Consider it the preference of modern cowboys in exploring the desert. For information, see

The A Position

Golf Road Warrior Discovers New Way of Lighting Certifresh Cigar

We’ve been smoking Certifreshes all of this week in Scottsdale.  Pictured above is beloved beer and golf writer Tom Bedell on our outing this morning with Desert Wolf Tours, who allowed us to drive crazy off-road vehicles on a remote desert trail that crossed streambeds and climbed mesas and took us past ancient ruins and a turquoise mine.  More on this adventure coming in another post.

UK’s Daily Express

Going Wild in West America…

Virtually indestructible, the Tomcar’s engine is protected by an impenetrable 1⁄4-inch sheet of steel and wrapped with a steel tub. Developed for, and used by, the Israeli Defence Force, it resembles a macho version of the dune buggy. Driving one is not only enormous fun, it’s a surefire way to brush up on your rapid-reaction skills. …

Arizona Republic

Desert Wolf talks about Tourism Act Impact

During the searing summer months in Scottsdale, many of the customers at Desert Wolf Tours are foreign visitors. …