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ELITE Combat Simulator

Quick Details

Duration: up to 8 hours

Number of Guests: Minimum of 6, Maximum of 24.  For larger groups, please call 877-613-9653 ext 2 for availability.

Meeting Location: Wintersburg General Store, 2614 S Wintersburg Road, Tonopah, AZ 85354

We will supply all necessary equipment (uniforms, tactical gear, converted firearms, simulated ammunition, etc.)

Add On The PYRO Upgrade To Take Your Immersion Experience To The Next Level!.

Perfect for: Executive Teams, Sales Teams and IT Teams!

Your team will complete three missions based on real world operations.

  • High value target raid to capture a terrorist courier
  • Hostage rescue mission
  • Operation Neptune Spear
  • the raid that killed Usama Bin Laden

The ELITE COMBAT SIMULATOR by Desert Wolf’s Xtreme Teams takes Team Building to a whole new level!

DESERT WOLF XTREME TEAMS SCOTTSDALEBecome part of a special operations team for a day in this action packed adventure. Your squad will be equipped with uniforms, tactical gear and the most advanced non-lethal training weapons available. These are real rifles converted to fire “man marking rounds”. The same type of training and simulation equipment used by special forces units.

What Our Clients Have To Say …
VP Team Challenge – Desert Wolf Tours hit it out of the park.
Desert Wolf Tours [Xtreme Teams] was a Grand Slam with VP Racing Fuels all the way from the planning stage with Hunter to the guide on the day of the adventure. Good team building and really translates the battlefield to the battlefield of business. REALISTIC! “Get physical and have fun”  – D. Barker; VP Racing Fuels

No experience is necessary to be a part of this adventure.

As part of Spec Ops Team Six, your adventure begins with a series of training evolutions designed to help prepare you complete three “real-world” missions. Training includes:

  • Basic and advanced weapon tactics
  • Rappelling
  • Door breaching
  • Use of flash bangs
  • Room clearing

Upon completion of your training, your team will complete three missions based on real world operations.

  • High value target raid to capture a terrorist courier
  • Hostage rescue mission
  • Operation Neptune Spear – the raid that killed Usama Bin Laden

Add On The PYRO Upgrade To Take Your Immersion Experience To The Next Level!

Up to 8 hours (actual tour time varies by group size.  Must arrive 30 minutes prior for check-in)

Wintersburg General Store
2614 S Wintersburg Road
Tonopah, AZ 85354

Adults (16 yo and older):  1 Day – $749 pp | 2 Day – $1,299 pp | 3 Day – $1,749 pp

Minimum of 6, Maximum of 24.  For larger groups, please call 877-613-9653 ext 2 for availability.

Bottled Water / Gatorade, UTM Ammunition, Snacks, Box Lunch, Gear Rental

Group Discounts available for groups of 12 or more guests.  Call 877-613-9653 ext 2 for pricing.

A minimum of 2 adult tickets must be purchased per reservation.  All vehicles are 4 seat vehicles.  If you have 2 empty seats, you may be combined with another group of 2 unless a Private Vehicle Upgrade is selected during the booking process.  Use of the discount codes above must be accompanied by a valid corresponding ID at time of tour to maintain discount.  Guests under 18 years of age must wear a DOT Approved helmet, by federal law, which can be supplied by DWT.  Must be 18 years or older with a valid Driver’s License to operate a Tomcar.

For more information, visit DesertWolfTeamBuilding.com.


Desert Wolf Tours, which has been taking guests on a variety of excursions and adventures in the Sonora Desert since 2006, now features an innovative style of corporate team building: an Elite Combat Simulator, where co-workers receive realistic Special Operations training developed by the U.S. Armed Forces.

The Xtreme Teams leadership training program provided by Desert Wolf Adventures offers one to three days of intense military-style activities at a private location, where guests can complete physical tasks such as door breaching, rappelling down buildings, rescuing hostages and capturing a “high-value terrorist courier.”

Participants are provided with fatigues, Special Forces-style equipment and modified non-lethal firearms with simulated ammunition. Water, snacks and a box lunch are also provided.

Team members first receive realistic military-style training such as weapons tactics, then they’re asked to complete three exciting combat missions based on real-world military operations, including the hunt for Osama Bin Laden.

Teamwork!!!  Great team building experience. I broke through boundaries and built trust with my coworkers. I recommend it to any team looking to build a closer trust bond. – Donato B.; VP Racing Fuels

If a group wants the ultimate “immersion experience”, the action and intensity of the Elite Combat Simulator can be further enhanced by adding role players with blank-firing fully-automatic weapons and controlled fireworks that simulate RPGs and IEDs.

Successfully completing the training and the missions requires collaboration, communication, strategy, stress management, trust, and accountability, all useful skills designed to make team members work closer together and more effectively – plus have plenty of fun in the process.

Hunter Corbier, Vice President and General Manager of Desert Wolf Tours, said these intense but safe activities can be beneficial for IT groups, sales teams, or similar employee groups that will benefit from working more cohesively to improve their overall performance.Elite Combat Simulator Scottsdale

Completing the missions in the eight-hour timeline can effectively transform any team into an Xtreme Team, and the quality and intensity of missions go way beyond paintball or combat video games.

The required collaboration can also be an especially useful opportunity for executive team building that goes far beyond common corporate leadership training programs that typically take place in boardrooms or off-site retreat centers.

Groups can be as small as 6 or as large as 24.  No previous or current military or firearms experience is required.

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  • We had an amazing experience. The team can’t stop talking about it and reliving the stories. It was much better than I had anticipated and truly appreciate the work you and your team put it.  You guys run a first class training program, I’d be happy to recommend this to any team that has the right mindset.  – Sean McGrann – Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing; KPS Global


    This was THE funnest tour ever. Our group of 7 guys all felt the same way. We were able to be navy seals for a day. Totally cool. I wish I could give higher then 5 STARS. – TripAdvisor Reviewer


    Such a fun event. As something different than a cliché Vegas bachelor party, we chose an outdoor adventure and we’re glad we did. It was by far our most memorable experience. The staff were super cool, knowledgeable, and really fun to engage with in combat. They were also kind enough to help us catch video footage and pictures of our time there. Even after our event we continued to call audibles as we walked through the casino and our house rental; “room clear”, “two through”, “breacher up!”. Don’t worry you’ll understand when you get there!  As a group event, we really developed a cool bonding experience that I’ll never forget. – TripAdvisor Reviewer