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4 Reasons the Wolf is Glad He’s Not a Scorpion

I love ATV tours and playing with Scorpions!

Oakley The Desert WolfScorpions get a lot of attention for being creepy, venomous and downright cool. Although I’m a desert wolf who pretty much digs all my pals here in the Sonoran Desert, I have to admit I’m sure glad I’m not a scorpion. I’m not turned off by their looks or their venom, especially since the venom is usually not strong enough to kill you. I’m turned off by some of their strange characteristics.

They have really crummy vision. One of the cool factors of scorpions is their collection of eyes. They have anywhere from six to 12 of them. But they can’t see worth a dang. Go figure. They instead have to rely on their sense of smell and vibrations in the environment to know what’s going on.

They can only eat a liquid diet. Say goodbye to pizza, cheeseburgers and Sonoran hotdogs; scorpions can only consume liquids. That’s where their venom comes in. The injected venom liquefies the insides of their prey, letting the scorpion feast by sucking out the liquid. Yum.

The males are often killed after mating. If the scorpion dudes don’t move away quickly enough after mating with a female, the scorpion dudes can become dinner. That’s right. Females are known to kill the male if he keeps hanging around. Glad my wolf wife hasn’t picked up on that habit. I’m also glad my wife never ate any of our kids, another ghoulish scorpion habit.

They are prone to eating their young. Young scorpions, known as scorplings, ride around on their mother’s backs until they’re big enough to safely roam around on their own. But if they happen to fall off, the scorpion moms don’t think twice about eating them.
Told you I was glad I’m not a scorpion, but I’d love to point them out!

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