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Top 10 Fun Things to Do in Scottsdale

Oakley's favorite things to do in Scottsdale

Oakley’s Guide to Some of the Most Fun Things to do in Scottsdale!

Looking for some fun things to do in Scottsdale, Arizona? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of 10 different fun-filled activities you can do in sunny Scottsdale, whether you’re a long-term resident or just visiting.

You could…

Things to do in Scottsdale Tomcar ATV tour

Desert Wolf ATV rental tour heading out to the desert!

1. Go on an ATV adventure.

Specifically, a Desert Wolf Tours adventure, which is ranked the #1 adventure activity in Scottsdale on TripAdvisor. This adventure will lead you deep into the desert, where you may see a number of wild animals — coyotes, rattlesnakes, scorpions, bobcats, wild burros and javalinas have all been seen on the tour — and all are indigenous to the area. You’ll drive a off-road military-grade TomCar yourself, and a professional off-road tour guide who knows all about the area will drive a separate TomCar, leading you through the adventurous and challenging trails. If adrenaline-pumping action is more your thing, you could instead perform a targeted combat simulator raid on a terrorist messenger with the use of non-lethal firearms, or go on a hostage rescue mission. You can even perform a true-to-life raid called Operation Neptune Spear, which was the very raid that killed Osama Bin Laden. All of these activities are available at Desert Wolf Tours.

2. See a San Francisco Giants spring training game at the Scottsdale Stadium.

If you’re a baseball fan, this stadium is a must-see! The Scottsdale Stadium is the one-and-only home of the San Francisco Giants and features 12,000 seats. It also has all of the baseball food, beverages and treats you could ever dream of.

3. Go shopping at the Scottsdale Fashion Square.

The Fashion Square is a massive shopping mall with over 250 stores and counting, including brands like Crate & Barrel, Aeropostale, H&M, Nordstrom, Anthropologie, and Prada. After you’re all shopped out you could visit the food court, which has a ton of dining options, including Kona Grill and Z’Tejas (if you’re in the mood for Mexican food).

4. Hike or bike a few trails at the McDowell Mountain Regional Park.

The Park offers over 40 miles of hiking/running, biking and horseback riding trails. The trails range in difficulty, from the easy-peasy to the strenuous. If you’re looking for a laid-back hike, give the 3.1-mile North Trail a try, but if you’re looking to break a sweat or go on a lengthy horseback ride, you should try the 15.3-mile Pemberton trail instead. All of the trails at the McDowell Mountain Regional Park are multi-use unless any signs that say otherwise. You can also park an RV there to make it a fun-filled camping trip.

5. Visit the unique McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park.

This railroad park features the both the Paradise and Pacific railroads, a railroad-themed museum, an arboretum filled with desert flowers and plant life, and an antique carousel. You can also visit an array of railroad souvenir shops or take the kids to one of the spacious playgrounds. There are also a number of picnic pavilions on the grounds.

6. Climb a mountain.

Specifically, the Camelback Mountain, a 2,704-foot mountain that can be tackled by novice and expert climbers alike. Because the mountain is located in the center of the Phoenix Valley, it has sweeping, picturesque views. The mountain is a quicker climb, but that doesn’t make it the views any less stunning. There are two trails in total: the Echo Canyon and the Cholla, with Echo Canyon being the steeper one and Cholla being the longer trail.

7. Step through an indoor rainforest.

The Butterfly Wonderland lets you see various desert, Amazon River and rainforest creatures up close, such as scorpions, walking sticks, spiders, butterflies, stingrays, Amazon Pacu fish, and much, much more. The rainforest, river and desert triple-experience also allows you to watch an enchanting 3D butterfly movie, where the butterflies will jump off the screen and fly around your head.

8. Visit Old Town Scottsdale.

Old Town Scottsdale is coined as the place where the Old West and the New West meet. It has a large number of fun things to do in the way of dining, shopping, art galleries, museums, nightlife, and more. Old Town Scottsdale has a little something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a daytime art gallery like the Art of Merlot, or a nighttime activity such as the Derby Public House. It even has a wide array of southwestern cultural attractions, such as the Scottsdale Museum of the West.

9. Take a walk on the wild side.

The Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center (SWCC) is home to a lot of endangered species, and helps to bring them out of endangerment and back into the wild. The SWCC rescues and rehabilitates wild animals that are native to Arizona. It takes in animals that have lost their habitats due to development, or are found abandoned, orphaned or injured.

10. Visit the peaceful Scottsdale Civic Center.

The Civic Center is a landmark in downtown Scottsdale, and features water fountains, statues, and lots of greenery. It’s a nice place to go to people watch or to go on a stroll, and it’s located within walking distance to a number of shops and restaurants.

Come out and see for yourself why Desert Wolf Tours is one of the Most Fun Things To Do In Scottsdale!

This list of things to do in Phoenix and Scottsdale could go on and on, but we’ll stop there — we hope you enjoy your stay!  And, don’t forget to come out and have some fun with us!


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