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Phoenix ATV Tours vs ATV Rentals

Why You May Want to Choose Guided ATV Tours in Phoenix Instead of ATV Rentals

When it comes to visiting Arizona, there are a wide variety of outdoor activities for the whole family to enjoy. In fact, one of the most popular options is riding ATVs and UTVs across scenic desert trails.

Not only is this a great way to enjoy the warm sunshine, it also offers plenty of opportunity to learn about the flora and fauna of the Southwest in a unique way. But, many people wonder what it takes to obtain the necessary equipment and safety gear to tackle such an adventure.

For many, the option to rent equipment seems like an easy way to enjoy the scenery and fresh air. However, there’s a second option that many overlook—guided tours using ATVs and UTVs. Here are a few benefits of choosing tours over Phoenix ATV rentals on your next family vacation.

Ensure the Safety of Your Loved Ones with ATV Tours in Phoenix

One of the biggest reasons to skip renting an ATV and enjoying a tour instead is that the process is safer.  Many inexperienced drivers often over estimate their driving ability on rough desert terrain, and there are plenty of injuries each year to prove the point. In contrast, tour companies have little to no injuries, which is incredibly important. After all, they fully understand that vacation is no fun for anyone if you end up in the emergency room!


Phoenix | Scottsdale ATV Tours Desert Wolf

ATV tour in the Sonoran Desert near Phoenix-Scottsdale.

With a tour, you can also eliminate the risk of getting lost. Desert trail systems can be confusing, as there are hundreds of miles of it in the Phoenix area; it is very easy to get turned around when you least expect it. For many, the terrain begins to look the same and can even appear completely different at various times of day. Add in trails that can change or deteriorate due to weather and incomplete maps and you could be setting yourself up for a nightmare instead of a good time.

Reputable guided ATV tour companies have experienced off-road guides, know the terrain well, and are well-versed with all applicable safety precautions. They’ve also obtained all necessary permits to enjoy Bureau of Land Management lands, Tonto National Forest lands, and State Trust lands—without which you could be in for a hefty fine.

Enjoy an Educational Adventure with ATV Tours in Scottsdale and Phoenix

One of the downsides to companies that offer ATV rentals in Phoenix is that they don’t come with a dedicated guide who knows the area by heart.

With an ATV and UTV tours, your family gets to enjoy a bit of added education by having an experienced professional to take you out to the best places in the area and offer interesting information on desert history, plants, cactus, animals, and more. A guide can also give insight into special survival skills needed for spending time in the desert. This is a great way for children and teens to learn about a habitat they’ve likely never experienced before in a way that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

Minimize Financial Risk and Hassle by Avoiding Phoenix, AZ ATV Rentals

Going on vacation can certainly be expensive, but the risk associated with renting an ATV is even heftier. Did you know that some rental companies make the sizable portion of their income by charging for damage done to their equipment by ATV renters? In fact, one local ATV rental company has stated that up to 33 percent of their annual profit actual comes from these added customer charges! Furthermore, many personal insurance company policies do not extend to cover ATVs and other similarly rented off-road equipment.

By renting an ATV in Phoenix, you also run the risk of mechanical breakdowns. These types of vehicles can often be hard to repair without specialized tools and parts, meaning your family could wind up stuck in the middle of the desert heat until help arrives instead of enjoying your trip. With a guided tour, there’s none of that added hassle.

Additionally, rental companies are not required to maintain equipment appropriately. That means that you could end up with a piece of junk that will fall apart the moment you take it out on a trail. With tour companies, regulations are different and require regular inspections that ensure you’re getting your money’s worth.

What Company Offers ATV Tours in Phoenix?

Desert Wolf Tours is proud to offer visitors and locals the chance to enjoy the desert scenery in a unique manner. We have a very strong reputation in the area and offer some of the best tours available in the area.

In addition to guided ATV excursions, we also provider Phoenix UTV tours designed to entertain the whole family and create many memories that will be remembered for years to come. We are ranked number one by guests on TripAdvisor and are proud to have even been inducted into the TripAdvisor Hall of Fame.

Are you ready to find out more information about Phoenix and Scottsdale ATV tours? Please contact our knowledgeable and friendly team at Desert Wolf Tours today by calling (877) 613-WOLF.  Or, simply click the Book Now button for real time pricing and availability.

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