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Things to do in Glendale, AZ

Things to do in Glendale, AZ

Things to do in Glendale, Arizona

Exploring the Wonders of Glendale, Arizona: A Guide to Unforgettable Experiences

Nestled in the heart of Arizona, Glendale is a city brimming with excitement and unique attractions. Whether you’re a sports fan, a nature enthusiast, a history buff, or simply seeking a delightful family outing, Glendale offers an array of experiences that cater to every interest. From the electrifying atmosphere of the Westgate Entertainment District, the rich biodiversity at Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium & Safari Park, to the serene landscapes of Thunderbird Conservation Park, this guide delves into the many facets of Glendale that make it a must-visit destination.

This article takes you through some of Glendale’s most iconic locations. Discover the vibrancy of the Westgate Entertainment District, an entertainment and leisure hub. Uncover the wonders of wildlife at the expansive Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium. Experience the tranquility of nature at Thunderbird Conservation Park, and step back in time at Sahuaro Ranch Park. Whether indulging in farm-fresh produce at Tolmachoff Farms or exploring the city’s rich history, Glendale, Arizona, promises many activities and sights that will create lasting memories.

Join us as we explore the best of what Glendale offers, showcasing its unique blend of entertainment, wildlife, nature, agriculture, and history. Your adventure in Glendale starts here, with a guide highlighting this vibrant Arizona city’s must-see attractions and hidden gems.

Things to do in Glendale, AZ

Westgate Entertainment District

The Westgate Entertainment District is a dynamic and vibrant destination, serving as the premier Entertainment District in Glendale, Arizona. Nestled in an outdoor setting, this hub of excitement revolves around Gila River Arena, the home of the Arizona Coyotes, and State Farm Stadium, where the Arizona Cardinals play. 

The district offers an immersive experience with diverse attractions, including interactive shopping, dining, arcades, and special events. Beyond the essentials, visitors can enjoy live music at the breathtaking Fountain Park or participate in unique events such as classic car shows and 5k runs at WaterDance Plaza. 

Conveniently located just minutes from Historic Downtown Glendale on N. Sunset Blvd., Westgate Entertainment District is the go-to destination for unparalleled fun and entertainment.


Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium & Safari Park

Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium, spanning 215 acres in Litchfield Park, Arizona, is a premier destination for wildlife enthusiasts near Phoenix. Boasting Arizona’s largest collection of exotic animals, this expansive zoo specializes in African and South American species. 

Visitors can embark on a 0.6-mile “safari train” journey, take a boat ride through the Australian habitat, or explore the African habitat via tram. 

Established in 2008, the aquarium showcases 180,000 US gallons of salt- and fresh-water species, including sea lions and penguins. Notably, the recent addition of “Adventureland” in 2016 expanded the zoo’s offerings, introducing 15 acres with four rides and a restaurant. With diverse sections like Safari Park, Dragon World featuring large ectotherms, and the groundbreaking Aquarium, Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium is a testament to founder Mickey Ollson’s vision and commitment to wildlife conservation and education.

Thunderbird Conservation Park

Thunderbird Conservation Park, nestled in the Hedgpeth Hills and spanning 1,185 acres, stands as a dedicated sanctuary committed to preserving the natural beauty of the desert environment. Named after World War II pilot training facilities, the park, acquired by the city of Glendale in 1951, boasts a rich history with contributions from the Glendale Women’s Club and Glendale Rotary Club. 

Significant park improvements were implemented under Maricopa County’s stewardship from 1963 to 1984. Today, Thunderbird Conservation Park invites visitors to immerse themselves in various outdoor activities such as picnicking, hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, jogging, and bird watching along its 15 miles of multi-use trails. 

As a testament to community collaboration, these trails, enhancing the park’s accessibility, were made possible through the dedicated efforts of numerous volunteer groups. Visitors are encouraged to practice courtesy on the trails, ensuring a positive and enjoyable experience for all while preserving the fragile desert environment.

Tolmachoff Farms

Tolmachoff Farms, a distinctive four-generation family-operated farm in Glendale, Arizona, is the labor of love of Bill and Gracie Tolmachoff and their four children: Bill, Ashley, Michael, and Brooke. Rooted in the early cultivation of cotton, wheat, and corn, the farm took a delightful turn in the 1970s when Bill Senior began selling plums from a roadside stand. 

Evolving into a “pick your own” farm fresh produce destination, Tolmachoff Farms has since flourished. Today, the farm boasts diverse fruits and vegetables, striving to offer families the ultimate experience of fresh produce straight from the field to their tables. It’s a testament to the Tolmachoff family’s commitment to providing the community with quality, locally-grown produce and a unique farm experience.

Sahuaro Ranch Park

Sahuaro Ranch, founded in 1886 by William Henry Bartlett, is a historic landmark located north of Glendale, Arizona. Once a flourishing ranch abundant with figs, fruit orchards, vineyards, and alfalfa fields, the property now stands as the “Sahuaro Ranch Park,” meticulously maintained by the Glendale Parks and Recreation Department. 

Listed in the National Register of Historical Places on March 7, 1980, the ranch preserves its rich history through restored structures, including the adobe house—the first structure built on the ranch. 

During the Bartlett era (1880-1913), Sahuaro Ranch spanned 2,000 acres, boasting citrus and pecan orchards. Today, visitors can explore the ranch’s heritage, with its adobe house, superintendent’s residence, and various historic buildings. It offers a glimpse into Arizona’s agricultural past and the vision of those who shaped Sahuaro Ranch.

Things to do in Glendale, AZ

Glendale, Arizona, boasts diverse attractions that cater to all interests, from sports enthusiasts to nature lovers and history buffs. The Westgate Entertainment District is a bustling entertainment epicenter, offering visitors a dynamic blend of experiences. 

On the other hand, Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium & Safari Park is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts, showcasing a vast array of exotic animals and offering unique ways to explore their habitats. 

Nature lovers can immerse themselves in the pristine beauty of Thunderbird Conservation Park, while Tolmachoff Farms invites families to experience the joys of fresh produce and farm life. 

Sahuaro Ranch Park provides a glimpse into Arizona’s agricultural past for those interested in history. Whether you’re seeking thrilling entertainment, wildlife encounters, outdoor adventures, farm-fresh experiences, or a journey through history, Glendale has it all, making it a captivating destination in Arizona.

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