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Top 3 Reasons the Wolf Digs the Sonoran Desert

The Sonoran Desert is best explored on an ATV rental tour with the Wolf!

Oakley, the mascot for Desert Wolf Tours ATV rental tours Scottsdale Phoenix

Oakley, the Desert Wolf

You may think the desert in general a barren and boring place, but that’s definitely not the case with the thriving Sonoran Desert. We desert denizens are one partying crew, and we love when we can share our home with you off-roading humans. Check out the top three things about this special place.

Wildlife pals. OK, I’ll admit it. As a wolf living in the desert, not all the wild animals skittering about are supposed to be my pals. But they are. We wolves particularly enjoy hanging out with the coyotes and bobcats, or watching the quail families march around like little soldiers. You’ll also be privy to lizards, snakes, jackrabbits, scorpions, flurries of birds and these freakish things called javelina. The javelina can be a hoot with all their grunting and rooting around.

Places to lurk. Hanging out in the open might be cool for those of hummingbirds and lizards, but we wolves prefer to lurk sweetly around the perimeter. The Sonoran Desert foliage gives us ample places to do so. Our claim to fame is the mighty Saguaro cactus, notorious on Arizona postcards and Wile E. Coyote cartoons. We also have sharp-as-sword agave, princely Palo Verde and the delightful ocotillo with its equally delightful batch of thorns. And don’t even get me started on the joys of our prickly pears and massive mesquite trees.

Plenty of room to roam. The Sonoran Desert’s sheer size alone gives good reason to dive inside. This baby stretches over two countries and five states, spanning some 120,000 square miles. That means no nosy neighbors. No puttering traffic. And no staring strangers. Just you, your tour buddies and the amazing landscape. Oh yeah, and maybe a few of us wolves lurking sweetly around the perimeter.

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