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Keep Cool On The Trails

We all know it’s HOT in the Valley during the Summer months.  But, as desert dwellers, we’ve learned some secrets of staying cool and using the tricks of the desert to actually “air-condition” us.  Here are our Top 5 Ways for you to stay COOL on our tours.

Higher Elevation


#5 Way To Stay Cool – Get to Higher Elevations

Here’s a simple fact.  The higher the elevation, the cooler the temperatures.  So, get to higher elevations.  Our tours are in the base of the Bradshaw Mountains just North of Phoenix.  We are between 750 ft and 1,000 ft higher elevation than Scottsdale or Phoenix.  That elevation change makes our temperatures about 3 to 5 degrees cooler than those in Scottsdale or Phoenix.  Believe us when we tell you that 3 to 5 degrees does make a big difference in your comfort.

AM Clock


#4 Way To Stay Cool – Take the AM Tour

One of the unique things about the desert is its large temperature swing each day.  The hottest temperatures of the day occur between 4pm and 6pm.  While it might be an unbearable 108 degrees at 5 pm, it is likely to be in the low 80’s in the morning.  Get out in the morning and you’ll be enjoying the trails when the temperatures are nice.  Then, you can hit your Resort pool in the afternoon!  So, come take our AM tour, enjoy the cooler temperatures and get your fun in by the time it start to heat up.  CLICK HERE to Book your AM Tomcar ATV Tour!

Desert Wolf Sunset Tour


#3 Way To Stay Cool – Take the Sunset Tours

All desert dwellers know that one of the best ways to stay cool is to go out after the sun goes down.  The perfect tour for staying cool is our “Scorpion Hunt” Sunset ATV Tour.  The direct sunlight makes everything feel twice as hot (if that’s even possible).  But, once the sun goes down, the desert cools off quickly and gets downright comfortable!  Plus, in the summer months, the animals hide in the day and come out at night.  So, come on out for a sunset ATV tour.  You’ll see the desert in a whole new way and get the most fun out of your time in the Valley … all while staying cool and comfortable!  CLICK HERE to Book your Tomcar “Scorpion Hunt” Sunset ATV Tour!

Keep cool with a mister


#2 Way To Stay Cool – Use Our Misters

While the desert is hot, it also provides natural air-conditioning, if you know how to harness it.  Our humidity level is very low, probably much lower than where you are from.  And, one thing works very well in low humidity … evaporation.  Water absorbs heat from your skin and evaporates, cooling your body.  Our guides carry a mister bottle and are more that happy to give you a refreshing mist.  This mist will quickly evaporate and give you a fast, refreshing cool down.

Way2Cool Cooling Towel


#1 Way To Stay Cool – Use A Cooling Towel

You can increase the desert’s natural air-conditioning even further by using a Cooling Towel.  This is a lightweight towel that is specifically designed to hold and evaporate water.  As the water evaporates, the towel cools, cooling your skin in the process.  These cooling towels can give you a cooling effect for hours.  And, all you do to reactivate the cooling towel is simply dip it in water.  Now, it’s ready to go again for a few more hours.  If you’ve tried these in more humid climates, all they typically do is make you wet and hot.  But, they work wonderfully in the desert!  Don’t have a cooling towel?  Well, that’s not a problem.  We have the Way2Cool mesh cooling towel available for purchase for only $10 (tax included) on all of our tours.  They’re a great addition to your vacation necessities.  CLICK HERE to purchase your Cooling Towel now!

Don’t let the Scottsdale and Phoenix temps keep you from enjoying our “World Famous” ATV tours.  You’ll be amazed at how comfortable our tours can actually be in the summer.  So, come on out with Desert Wolf Tours and beat the heat of the Valley.  And, as always, drink lots of water on your visit.  Your body needs it!