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Elite Combat Simulator Takes Corporate Team Building to New Level

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Desert Wolf Tours, which has been taking guests on variety of excursions and adventures in the Sonora Desert since 2006, now features an innovative style of corporate team building: an Elite Combat Simulator, where co-workers receive realistic Special Operations training developed by the U.S. Armed Forces.

The Xtreme Teams leadership training program provided by Desert Wolf Adventures offers one to three days of intense military-style activities at a private location, where guests can complete physical tasks such as door breaching, rappelling down buildings, rescuing hostages and capturing a “high-value terrorist courier.”DESERT WOLF XTREME TEAMS SCOTTSDALE

Participants are provided with fatigues, Special Forces-style equipment and modified non-lethal firearms with simulated ammunition. Water, snacks and a box lunch are also provided.

Team members first receive realistic military-style training such as weapons tactics, then they’re asked to complete three exciting combat missions based on real-world military operations, including the hunt for Osama Bin Laden.

If a group wants the ultimate “immersion experience”, the action and intensity of the Elite Combat Simulator can be further enhanced by controlled fireworks that simulate RPGs and IEDs.

Successfully completing the training and the missions requires collaboration, communication, strategy, stress management, trust, and accountability, all useful skills designed to make team members work closer together and more effectively – plus have plenty of fun in the process.  

Hunter Corbier, Vice President and General Manager of Desert Wolf Tours, said these intense but safe activities can be beneficial for IT groups, sales teams, or similar employee groups that will benefit from working more cohesively to improve their overall performance.Elite Combat Simulator Scottsdale

Completing the missions in the six-hour timeline can effectively transform any team into an Xtreme Team, and the quality and intensity of missions go way beyond paintball or combat video games.

The required collaboration can also be an especially useful opportunity for executive team building that goes far beyond common corporate leadership training programs that typically take place in boardrooms or off-site retreat centers.

Groups can be as small as 6 or as large as 24. No previous or current military or firearms experience is required.

Desert Wolf Tours began in 2006 as an ATV rental and guided tour company, and soon expanded to offer other enjoyable off-road activities for families and groups in the Sonora, including firearms training. The family-owned business has received a variety of distinguished travel industry awards, including Best Off-Property Excursion in the World by the Golf Channel’s; Arizona’s top ranking for Desert Off-road and Firearms Adventure for the last eight years from Trip Advisor; and Best Guided ATV Tour from Besides the Elite Combat Simulator, it offers the Ultimate Team Building Challenge, a half-day Tomcar ATV tour, a handgun self-defense simulator and a “Light” version of the Elite Combat Simulator at an indoor facility.

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