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Our Favorite Things To Do In Phoenix

Below We Present The Wolf’s Top 5 Things To Do in Phoenix

Phoenix makes an excellent tourist destination as it boasts stunning desert landscapes and offers a wide variety of fun attractions and activities. If Phoenix is on your bucket list of destinations, simply continue reading to discover 5 must visit attractions and activities in Phoenix, Arizona!

The top 5 things to do in Phoenix – Tourist tips

  1. Book a thrilling ATV Tour

Desert Wolf Tours’ thrilling half day, Tomcar ATV Tour of the Sonoran Desert, has been rated by TripAdvisor as one of the top attractions in Arizona. So if you’re a self-confessed adventure seeker, it’s well ATV tours Phoenix Desert Wolf Toursworth booking a 3 to 3.5 hour guided ATV tour as you’ll have a chance to get behind the wheel of a military level, Tomcar ATV. Better yet, not only will you get a chance to explore areas of the Sonoran Desert that few people venture out into but you’ll also see Indian ruins and a fresh water oasis.

As every tour is guided by a seasoned guide, you’ll also learn about the history of the desert and the desert’s wildlife. You may even spot a wild coyote or a javalina, if you keep your eyes peeled. If you’re interested in learning how to survive in a harsh desert environment, your informative guide will also give you numerous tips on how to survive in the Sonoran Desert. During your adventure, you’ll also get the opportunity to cross a river. So don’t be surprised if you get splashed!

As a bonus, at the end of your half day tour, you’ll receive a free neck buff.

  1. Tour the Musical Instrument Museum

Phoenix is home to the world’s only global musical instrument museum! During a guided tour of the museum you’ll have the unique opportunity to travel the world through learning about different musical instruments. Three of the museum’s largest permanent exhibitions showcase music and instruments from Latin America, Asia and Africa. Although the museum also features smaller exhibitions which showcase instruments from other regions such as Europe and Australasia.

If you’re interested in listening to live music from around the world, it’s well worth visiting the MIM Music Theater, an on-site, custom built theater which showcases passionate musicians from each corner of the globe. If you’re planning a trip to Phoenix, it’s well worth visiting the Musical Instrument Museum’s website, to see whether any concerts are being held during your proposed visit.

If you feel inspired to pick up a new instrument, after touring the museum. You’ll be spoilt for choice as the Musical Instrument Museum boasts an on-site store which offers a wide array of international instruments. Examples of which include African drums, singing bowls and Peruvian flutes. The museum store also offers a variety of CDs which feature international music.

  1. Take a leisurely stroll threw the Desert Botanical Garden

If you plan to visit the Desert Botanical Garden, it’s best to put aside a few hours as the garden is sprawled Things to do in Phoenixacross 140 acres and boasts numerous trails to explore. One of the most popular trails is the Plants & People of the Sonoran Desert Loop Trail, which showed how the Indians once used the Sonoran Desert’s plants to survive, out in the desert. Not only did the Indians consume edible plants but they also used plants to build tools and hunting weapons. If you choose to explore this trail, you’ll even get to see examples of the huts that the Indians built as shelter from the hot, desert sun.

Another popular trail is the Desert Discovery Trail which boasts desert plants from deserts located around the world. During a stroll of the Desert Discovery Trail, you’ll get a rare opportunity to view 400 rare or endangered species of desert plants.

If you assumed that the desert was full of cacti, think again, whilst the Desert Botanical Garden does feature a variety of fascinating cacti species, the garden also boasts a trail which was designed to showcase the beauty of desert wildflowers. If you’re curious be sure to set aside some time to explore the Harriet K. Maxwell Desert Wildflower Loop Trail, which is bursting with colorful wildflowers.

  1. Learn about American Indian art and history at the Heard Museum

If you’re interested in American Indian art, it’s well worth planning a trip to the Heard Museum as it boasts an extensive art collection which contains over 40,000 pieces. Examples of which include Navajo jewelry and textiles, Hopi Katsina dolls and a variety of ceramics.

One of the museum’s selling points is that it’s world renown fine arts collection, which boasts 4,000 unique pieces, showcases how American Indian fine art has developed from its beginning in the 20th century to the present day. As well as offering historic pieces, the museum also offers a large selection of modern art from talented American Indian artists.

The Heard Museum also hosts a variety of on-site events. Examples of which include the annual Heard Museum Guild Indian Fair & Market which attracts a crowd of around 15,000 visitors, each year. The market is well worth attending as not only will you get the opportunity to purchase American Indian art but you’ll also get to meet the artists, who have crafted the items that you’re interested in purchasing. Better yet all proceeds go towards the museum’s goal of educating visitors on the arts and culture of the Indigenous peoples of America.

  1. Explore Phoenix by completing the Amazing Scavenger Hunt

If you’ve always fancied yourself as a contestant on “the Amazing Race”, it’s well worth booking the Amazing Scavenger Hunt, with combines a three-hour tour of Phoenix’s hot spots with a thrilling scavenger hunt! To take part, all you need is a smart phone, which you’ll use to receive your clues.

During your hunt you’ll get to visit the historic Hotel San Carlos, the grand Orpheum Theater and the Historic Courthouse as well as Heritage Square. The latter of which is lined with historic houses. During your hunt you’ll also get to take part in outdoor challenges and solve a variety of cryptic clues. As the Amazing Scavenger Hunt is not a traditional guided tour, you can complete it at your own pace.

So what are you waiting for? Why not book your favorite Phoenix activity or attraction? As an example, if you love the idea of speeding through the stunning Sonoran Desert, why not book a half day, Tomcar ATV tour with Desert Wolf Tours? You’ll be sure to have the time of your life, getting off the beaten track and discovering all that the Sonoran Desert has to offer!

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