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Experience Scottsdale’s Number One Attraction

Desert Wolf Tours is ranked one of the “Most Fun Things To Do” by travelers in Scottsdale and Phoenix.

Have you ever dreamed of touring the desert? In an off-road vehicle, cruising by the rocky hills, by the abundant cacti, under the great blue Arizona sky? With your own private guide? Look no further, because Desert Wolf Tours, ranked first in off-road excursions, is your go-to company for an adventurous and entertaining tour of the natural Arizona countryside. When you are in Scottsdale and looking for something to do, see the beauty of Arizona’s hills and mountains, its deserts and its fascinating wildlife. A mix of raw excitement and entertainment, these tours are sure to be unforgettable.

Whether you want to explore the Sonoran Desert in a Pinzgauer, experience a half-day TOMCAR tour, or see the gorgeous Arizona sunset in a TOMCAR sunset tour, you will definitely find one of America’s most scenic locations here. The sunset tours are self-driven, which is both thrilling and chilling. See the raw beauty hidden away in Arizona’s vast and natural landscape, and see its wildlife by day and night: scorpions, jack rabbits, coyotes, snakes, and more!

Notably, Desert Wolf Tours has received astronomically positive reviews on TripAdvisor, achieving and maintaining a perfect 5 stars out of almost 500 reviews. TripAdvisor has also named Desert Wolf Tours the number one outdoor activity in Scottsdale. Next time you are in the area, how could you possibly turn down an incredible opportunity like this one?
Desert Wolf Tours offers you the ability to drive one of their elite TOMCARs off-road military vehicles that will built to endure rough terrain like Arizona’s Sonoran Desert. The TOMCARs are efficient and powerful, and unlike anything that you will drive on the highway. These all-terrain four-wheel independent-suspension vehicles are incredibly safe, and it is nearly impossible to flip them over, due to the center of

gravity existing below the seat of the driver. Studies have shown that they are more functional and efficient than the all-terrain vehicles (atv) of other companies, such as Yamaha, Kawasaki, Polaris, and Jeep. You could be driving one of these vehicles under the bright Arizona sun, the engine roaring and the wind in your face. It is a feeling like no other, something that you must experience in Scottsdale.

But you won’t only be seeing the undulating hills and mountains and valleys. You can explore an abandoned historical mine, old Native American ruins, a stage coach trail, a small water oasis, and numerous river crossings that have been around for decades. It is truly an enlightening experience to explore the raw American countryside in some of the coolest vehicles you will ever get to drive. In the on-season, tours book up fast, so make sure that you call ahead, get your tour, and prepare yourself to have the time of your life. There won’t be any highway where you’re going—just the roaring motor of your TOMCAR, the wind in your face, the sun and sky, and the dark beauty of the American frontier under your wheels. Experience the number one attraction in Scottsdale!

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