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Why the Wolf Absolutely Loves Lizards

Lizard in the Phoenix Scottsdale desert

Lizard Hunting – one of the Wolf’s favorite past-times.

Lizard Hunting – The Wolf is sure you’ll find it a fun thing to do!

Leapin’ lizards! Yeah, I know it’s a corny phrase, but it’s true. Lizards really do leap. They also climb up sheer rock, skitter up trees and do these little movements that look like push-ups. Many blend seamlessly with their surroundings out here in the Sonoran Desert, so you have to look closely when you’re out on your tour or you’ll easily miss them.

As a desert wolf that only gets Internet access to write my blog, lizards are my main form of entertainment. Their antics are adorable (just don’t go telling anyone that a big, bad wolf said so). And the Sonoran Desert is packed with gads of different lizard species.

We have our spiny lizards, our collard lizards, our horned lizards, our tree lizards, our so-called sand lizards, and the feared yet not fearful Gila monster.

The Gila monster is one of two venomous lizards known in the world and, despite some human fears, he’s really not out to get you. He’s actually pretty slow, sluggish and tends to bite only when cornered. This guy gets about 1 foot and has a delightfully artistic black and orange-pink pattern.

The horned lizard is always a hit with folks out touring the desert. This reptile has horns protruding from the back of his head and a fat, squatty, 5-inch body. Although his armor is quite impressive, it also makes him pretty slow as lizards go.

I prefer the quick-as-a-wink lizards that are much more fun to watch. They’re one of the coolest things out here for one simple reason: their reptile brains. Instead of making up all kinds of self-imposed problems like the human brain likes to do, lizards are programmed to eat, sleep and then eat some more. What an easy way to live, no?

Say yes and come on an ATV rental tour so we can help you spot some leapin’ lizards of you own!



Desert Museum-Collared Lizard
Desert Museum-Horned Lizard
Desert Museum-Gila

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