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The Wolf Shares Summer Desert Survival Tips


Come join the Wolf on an ATV rental tour.

The Wolf knows a thing or two about desert survival.

If you think Phoenix-area traffic jams can be brutal, just wait until you meet summertime in the Sonoran Desert. While temps can soar up to 120 degrees and the sun can feel like it’s baking your very bones, you can still schedule an Arizona desert off-road adventure tour in the summer – as long as you do so wisely. As a desert wolf stuck in a fur coat all year long, I’ve long learned to be wise during the hottest months. So can you.

Choose your hours.

The only way to enjoy the desert in the summer is in the morning or evening, which keeps you out of the searing afternoon heat. We even switch our tour schedule on June 1 to offer only morning or sunset tours until fall.

Drink water.

Drink more water. Then drink some more. Dehydration is not fun. It can make you disoriented and prone to seeing and doing strange things. The top way to beat it is by drinking water, even before you feel thirsty or parched.

Know sunblock rocks.

There’s a reason we wolves don’t get burnt and wrinkly skin, even beneath all our fur. We’re strong proponents of sunblock with premium SPFs.

Mind your head.

Got a groovy sun hat? Now’s the time to don it. Wear a wide-brimmed, breathable hat that shields your face and neck while keeping the searing heat off your head.

Keep an eye on the sky.

Monsoon is an actual season here in the desert, with heavy rains typically hitting in July and August. The rains won’t last all day, but they can dump quite a bucket in a short span. Getting stuck in a desert rain can be freaky. Getting caught off-guard by a flash flood can be downright treacherous.

Book a guided ATV rental tour in Phoenix or Scottsdale to enjoy the desert to it’s fullest – safely!

The cool thing about booking a desert adventure tour with trusted guides is having someone looking out for all this stuff before you even begin. They’ll never take you out on the desert unprepared. Book a tour and see for yourself!

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