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Why the Wolf Delights in the Desert at Night (and So Can You)

Scorpion on the Phoenix Scottsdale sunset ATV rental tours.

Hey, we found one!

Why the Wolf like the Sunset Scorpion Hunting ATV rental tours!

You know how even the most mundane places can look cool and magical at night? Well, imagine what happens in the Sonoran Desert, which looks cool and magical in the day. Scoping out the desert at night is one glorious adventure to behold, and you can behold it all you want with our awesome sunset tours.

Nocturnal Critters

Although you’ll sometimes catch us desert wolves roaming around in the daytime, we’re basically nocturnal creatures. And one of the biggest thrills of staying up all night is hanging out with all the other nocturnal critters skittering about the desert.

The javelinas are probably the most amusing. These pig-like creatures grunt, forage and would even knock trash cans over if there were any out here. If you’re really lucky you might catch a whole javelina family marching along in a little pack.

Other cool creatures that are most active at night include the owls, pack rats, rattlesnakes, scorpions, bobcats and all kinds of bats. The Sonoran Desert region is packed with about 70 different species of bats, and you’re likely to see a few of them swooping around from twilight to dawn. We like bats. They eat mosquitoes.

Total Comfort

As you may imagine, desert nighttime temperatures are lot friendlier than the daytime heat, especially during the summer. You can enhance your comfort even more by picking the way you want to travel.

Our sunset tours offer two options.

You can drive yourself in one of your Tomcars atv rentals, or you can kick back for a “Happy Hour” tour with us driving you around in our eight-passenger Pinzgauer. Either way you choose, come prepared for the magical experience of the desert at night. If you’re ready to be amazed, book your desert sunset tour today!

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