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Wolf Tips for a Wild Drive in a Tomcar

The Wolf Tells You How to Get the Most Fun Out of Your ATV Rental Tour.

You have several ways you head out to tour the Sonoran Desert, but there’s only one way to really rock it.

  • One way: You can saunter through the terrain on foot, like I do as a desert wolf.
  • Another way: You can get crammed in somebody’s tour van or Jeep and hope for half a glimpse of a javelina through the back of some other passenger’s head.
  • The way to rock it: You can drive yourself wild at the wheel of a heavy-duty, kick-butt Tomcar (like we let you do at Desert Wolf Tours).

What the heck is a Tomcar?

phoenix scottsdale atv rental tour - Desert Wolf Tours

Tomcar ATV rental tour cruising through the rugged Phoenix, Scottsdale desert terrain.

The Tomcar is one awesome off-road vehicle. It originated as a lightweight, supremely durable military vehicle designed to be parachuted out of planes. Once the Tomcar hit the ground, it was ready to go zooming through combat zones and over seemingly impossible terrain in all kinds of weather.

What does it look like?

The Tomcar kind of looks like a Jeep mixed with a UTV but with superpowers that outshine them both. The Tomcar website makes the thing sound like Superman, able to scale stony hillsides, float over rocks and debris, and stand up to brutal climates.

Tomcars feature a safety glass windshield, fully welded steel frame with protective top and bottom, automatic transmission, comfy bucket seats, seatbelts, and controls that mimic the typical car so it’s easy for a licensed driver to master. It also features bright LED lights, perfect for our spectacular sunset tours to bring the desert to life at night.

What else do I need to know?

  • Licensed drivers 18 or older can take the wheel. Two to four folks can fit at a time.
  • The Tomcar is easy to fix on-the-spot if anything should go awry, but it usually doesn’t.
  • We’re the only tour gig in town that lets you drive yourself in a Tomcar through the gorgeous Sonoran Desert terrain at the base of the Bradshaw Mountains.
  • You’re going to have tons of fun!

If you’re ready to rev into the Sonoran Desert on a Tomcar atv rental tour, book a tour and we’ll show you how.

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